Sogd region of Tajikistan

Tour "The Ancient Sogd"

The route is designed for lovers of historical and educational tours and includes visits to ancient cities of Central Asia - Khujand, Istravshan, Penjikent and familiarity with national traditions and work of craftsmen of folk art.

Tour "Journey on Fans Area"

The tour includes visits to the region of Fan Mountains, taking into account pedestrian passage on mountain massifs. As part of the tour, tourists have an opportunity to see amazing nature of this region.

Tour "Incredible Lakes Fan Mountains"

The tour begins in Hodzhent with a stopover at Lake Iskanderkul. This route is designed for lovers of mountain sports tourism and had different levels of complexity.

Khatlon region of Tajikistan 

Tour "Kulyab and its environs"

The tour is designed for lovers of historical and educational tours which include visits to the settlement "Hulbuk,” mausoleum of Mirsaidp Ali Hamadoni and other sights of the region. During the tour, visitors get acquainted with local traditions and ethnography.

 Eco-tour - "Along the Markhur paths
Tour is extreme and held in the region of Shurabad district. Tour’s participants will be able to observe and take pictures of the natural environment horned goats (Markhur) whose population in the world is observed only in Tajikistan.

Tour "From Kulyab To Baldzhuvan"

The tour consists of historical and informative parts, including visits of historical sightseeing of Kulyab, Hovaling, Baldzhuvan areas and mountain sports in the region of "Sari Hosor" at Falls Shar-shar. 


Pamir - basic tours 

"Follow a Marco Polo tracks."

The tour is designed for lovers of historical informative and mountain-sports tourism and provides fruitful information about the local and national traditions, ethnography, masters of applied fields.

Tour “To peaks of the Pamir"
The tour is designed for fans of extreme tourism and provides climbing on unnamed mountain peaks. The tour starts in Dushanbe with the following flight to the regions of climbing, where base camp is located.

Tour "Secrets of the Pamir

This tour is ethnographic and provides acquaintanceship of the tourists with a unique culture of Pamir Tajiks, their history, traditional lifestyles based on tourist’s stay with local families.



Touring across the Fan Mountains is one of nature’s highlights to be experienced in Tajikistan. Crystal clear rivers, silk carpets of grass, endless clear skies encircled by grand mountain peaks will present themselves in front of you. There are hundreds of beautiful peaks, located in the ridge of the Gissar and Turkestan ranges with at least eleven of the jaggered peaks exceeding 5,000m. They have intricate forms and glaciers about 30 diverse lakes, surrounded with the halo of legends of local people who reigned in these mountains. One of the biggest is Iskanderkul and the most beautiful is Kulikalon. This landscape and its experiences will not leave anyone indifferent from the cultural tourist to the experienced alpinists. 

About 120km outside of Khujand you can visit the unusual mountain region Ak-Su, which is famous for its untouched environment. The peaks of some of the mountains exceed 5,000m. Beautiful and easily accessible gorges and passes create ideal conditions for trekking and horse riding. 

The phenomenon of glaciers in Asia has to be seen to be believed. One of the most fascinating experiences in Tajikistan is a visit to the Fedchenko glacier, one of the largest glaciers in the world at a length of 77 kms, covering an area of 649 km². The width of the glacier in its middle reaches up to 1000m. Overall in the system of Fedchenko glacier there are 45 glaciers. Not far from the mouth of the glacier Kashayak, at the altitude of 4,200m there is a hydro-meteorological station which is the highest meteorological-station in the former Soviet Union. 

In the high mountainous valley of Yagnob (near Zerafshan Valley) there is a group of Tajik people who are direct descendents of the Soghdians. Their language is one of the ancient dialects of Soghdian language, which was used by the ancestries of the modern Tajiks until the Arab invasions in 7th -8th centuries of Central Asia. Now Yagnobis speak two languages – Yagnobi and Tajik. Only some 3,000 people are speaking Yagnobi today. This unusual corner of Tajiksitan tells the story of how the inhabitants of the conquered Soghdiana were followed by the army of Alexander the Great who forced them back to what is today the Yagnob valley, which did not have any previous settlements. 

 On to one of the beautiful corners of Tajikistan – the Tajik National Park and Romit Reserve. For wildlife enthusiasts, this is a real treasure. Many species of fauna and flora which are enlisted in the Red Book of Tajikistan can be found here. Not far from the Romit Reserve at the confluence of the Sardaimiyon and Sorbo rivers this is virtually an unknown area to tourists but you won’t regret coming to this heavenly sunny place surrounded by flowers and waterfalls.