The tender commission Sub-division of  local government executive body of Dushanbe, according to execution of the Dushanbe city Mayor Decree № 28 dated January 29, 2015 "About conducting tender" for selection of medical and non-medical equipment suppliers for "Multi-functional hospital for 650 beds with outpatient clinic with 800 visit per day" for


Twelfth stage: procurement of medical and non-medical equipment for "Multi-functional hospital for 650 beds with outpatient clinic with 800 visits per day" project in the following order:


-Lot number 1. Equipment for beam diagnostics;


-Lot number 2. Clinical monitoring equipment;


-Lot number 3. Laboratory equipment;


-Lot number 3a. Equipment for histology and cytology;


-Lot number 4. Equipment for physiotherapy;


-Lot number 5. Equipment for operations;


-Lot number 6. Equipment cabinet Otorhinolaryngology (ENT);


-Lot number 7. Equipment for ophthalmology office;


-Lot number 8. Equipment for pediatric and neonatology;


-Lot number 9. Equipment for Endoscopic diagnostic;


-Lot number 10. Respiratory equipment;


-Lot number 11. Sanitary, other transport equipment and accessories;


-Lot number 12. Dental Equipment;


-Lot number 13. Functional diagnostic;


-Lot number 14. Biomedical equipment;


-Lot number 14a. Workshop for cfr repair;


-Lot number 15. War medical equipment’s;


-Lot number 16. Kitchen equipment;


-Lot number 18. Bed head units & pendants;


-Lot number 19. Central sterilization supply department;


-Lot number 20. Mortuary equipment;


-Lot number 21. Office automation & audio visual equip;


-Lot number 22. Laundry;


-Lot number 23. Pharmaceutical equipment;


-Lot number 24. Housekeeping;


-Lot number 25. Disposables;


-Lot number 26. Linen;


-Lot number 27. Training equipment and simulation tests;


-Lot number 27a Passion monitor.












Entities from any countries, according to Special Conditions for international tender process may get involved in selection of medical and non-medical equipment for "Multi-functional hospital for 650 beds with outpatient clinic with 800 visits per day":




  1. Request for participation on tender (through electronic communication) has to be submitted not later than 7 days before the date of opening of tender proposals
  2.   The proposals should include delivery time, cost estimation which comes directly from suppliers subject and in case if the supplier refuses from the delivery he may uses authorized by him structure but only one that may without mediator deliver to the project site modern medical equipment and the cost has to include delivery,  testing, commissioning training of the specialist for using the equipment and 2 years guarantee period.
  3. Bidders has to submit to tender commission following documents:
  4. Certification about registration as legal entity, daughter firm of the foreign company and discharge (enquire) from the single. Reestr of private legal entities
  5.  Certificate from tax organization about absence of debts of taxes other payables for state budget of all levels and extra-budgetary state organization not earlier  than 30 days before of tender deadline
  6. Information of the applicant about delivery of equipment with its costs of each item outside of the country during last 3 years.
  7. Each item has to be accompanied by country of origin, quality certificate, operating manuals (in Russian obligatory), prices in local  currency Somoni and equipment in USA on the current course of the National Bank of  Tajikistan
  8. Bank guarantee should be submitted and should be 2% from total the cost of proposal.
  9. The delivery has to be proceeded  in accordance with CIP Dushanbe (INCOTERMS 2010) till construction site
  10. Applicant has the right to participate on 1 or more lost
  11. Successful bidders has to register importing medical equipment in the State inspection service over pharmaceutical  activity of the Ministry of  health and social protection of population of the Republic of  Tajikistan  before shipment.
  12. The non-refundable  fee for participation is 500 Tajik somoni




For additional information and tender documents, applicant may contact the authority of Capital Construction of the city located in Dushanbe, Nemat Karabaev 24, Tel: 221-14-45, 233-77-56, 918 31 88 31 until February 10, 2014.


Date for tender: February 16, 2015 at 14:00 pm.


Venue for tender: Ministry of health and social protection of the Republic of Tajikistan

Located in Dushanbe, Shevchenko-69. February 13, 2015 till 12:00