Delegation of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Security Conference of Tehran

  On the eighth of January 2018 in Tehran, the second largest security conference in Tehran entitled "Regional Security in West Asia: Challenges and emerging trends" with the slogan "respect, trust, dialogue, mutual cooperation, security and collective progress" in the circle of three department (foreign policy and regional security, defense and security) and five panels with participation of more than 300 people from 49 countries were held .At that conference, the Tajikistan delegation led by the First Deputy Foreign Minister, Nizomuddin Zohidi .

 At the beginning of the Conference the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke on the current situation in West Asia, the role of Syria and Iraq to destroy the terrorist organization "Islamic State" and reconstruction in post-conflict, challenges and threats to regional security, as well as ways resolved security crises in the region.

 Chairman of Tajikistan companied in Part II and Panel III of Conference entitled "The role of economic growth in the security of Western Asia" and delivered a speech, stressed the need to focus the attention on the causes and economic factors - social rise of terrorism in West and South Asia, pay more attention to the integration of countries and the implementation of regional initiatives to prevent the emergence of terrorism and extremism.

Tehran's security conference ended with the acceptance of a joint statement by the participants. 

The Republic of Tajikistan