Agriculture is the 2nd largest sector by magnitude after nonmaterial, and provides around 70% of workplace, accounting for 25% of income from export and 35% of tax yield. Cotton is the main agricultural exportable product and accounts for 90% of the overall volume of agricultural products export. Other exportable agricultural products are raw and p ossessed fruits and vegetables (approximately 9% of exportable agricultural value) as well as silk and silk products (approximately 1%). In 2009 the production volume of agricultural products in all forms of farming was 14,8 billions Somoni that makes 43,5% of gross domestic product over the country.


Banking System of Tajikistan

Bank in the Republic of Tajikistan is commercial organization, created for attraction of deposits and other means with the aim of applying for crediting on term of repayment, paying, urgency, and also for implementing calculations by the errand of clients.

Bank is a juridical person and conformity and it is responsible for all rules regarding juridical person provided in the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.


Mineral resourse

The mineral resources of Tajikistan contain almost all elements of the Mendeleyev table and are a unique storage of wealth. By this moment, over 400 deposits of mineral resources and ores have been found, explored and prepared for development in Tajikistan.