Standardization and certification

Standardization is an activity on setting up regulations, rules and characteristics (further – requirements) to provide the following:
- safety of production, works and services for life, health and property, environment protection;
- requirements on compatibility and interchangeability of production;
- quality of production, works and services to its functionality in accordance with development level of science, technologies, competitiveness on a world market;
- protection of consumer interests and rights;
- defense capacity and mobilization preparedness of the state.

The following normative documents on standardization of the following categories are in force in the RT:
- international (regional) standards;
- interstate standards – GOST (all-Union State Standard);
- national standards of the RT – ST RT;
- branch standards – OST;
- enterprise standards – STP;
- technical terms and conditions of the RT – TU RT.
Classifiers of technical-economic information, rules, regulations, standardization recommendations are also regarded as regulatory framework on standardization. Procedure of development and application of standardization rules, regulations and recommendations is set up by the authorized body of the Government of the RT, and of classifiers of technical-economic information – by the State Statistics Agency under the Government of the RT. International (regional) standards and national standards of foreign countries as well as international rules, regulations and recommendations are applied in accordance with agreements of the RT.
Production and sale (supply) of production without regulatory framework is not allowed.
Requirements set up by regulatory framework shall be based on modern achievements of science and technologies, take into account terms and conditions of production use, execution of works, providing services, conditions and regimes of labor providing its protection and should not violate regulations set up by the legislation of the RT.
Standardization regulatory framework on production and services subject to mandatory certification should contain requirements based on which mandatory certification, inspection methods on conformance to these requirements, production and services marking rules, requirements to information on certification included into accompanying documentation are carried out.
Standards are not subjects of copyright.
Interstate standards are directly applicable on the territory of the RT without their re-registration into national standards of the RT.
National standards, branch standards and technical terms and conditions are developed for production, works and services and should not contradict to legislation of the RT. These documents should contain the following:
- requirements to production, works and services on their safety for environment, life, health and property, requirements of safety measures and industrial sanitation;
- requirements on technical and information compatibility and interchangeability;
- basic consumer (operating) characteristics of production, inspection methods, requirements to packing, marking, transportation, storing, use and utilization of production;
- regulations providing technical uniformity upon development, manufacture and operation (use) of production and providing services;
- technical documentation preparation rules, clearance and interference, general rules of providing quality of production, conservation and rational use of all types of resources, terminology, definitions, metrological and other general technical rules and regulations.
Preliminary requirements for future prospects surpassing capabilities of traditional technologies are set up in well-founded cases in national and branch standards to provide protection of interests of the RT and competitiveness of domestic production (services). 
Content of requirements of national and branch standards, technical terms and conditions, area of their distribution, area of their action and date of their introduction are determined by the state bodies and economic activity entities who adopt them.
Requirements set up in national and branch standards and technical terms and conditions for providing safety of production, works and services, life and health, property and environment protection, technical and information compatibility and interchangeability of production, uniformity of methodology of their inspection and packing are mandatory for economic activity entities.
Other requirements of regulatory framework to production, works and services are subject to mandatory observance by economic activity entities due to an agreement or in case if there is an indication about it in technical documentation of manufacturer (provider) of production, a contractor of works and services.
Conformity of production and services to requirements of regulatory framework can be confirmed through marking of production and services with a conformity mark. Procedure of marking and issuance of rights for marking is set up by the authorized body of the Government of the RT.
Classifiers of technical-economic information are approved and run by the State Statistics Agency under the Government of the RT.
Standards of enterprises can be independently developed and approved by the economic activity entities based on necessity of their application to meet requirements mentioned in art. 1 of this Law.
National and branch standards and technical terms and conditions of the RT are subject to state registration in the authorized body of the Government of the RT.
Standards of enterprises and technical terms and conditions are developed in order to improve and manage production. Standards of enterprises and technical terms and conditions are approved by their managers.
Procedure of development , approval, registration, change and cancellation of standards by enterprises are set up independently.
Normative documents for standardization should be applied by the state management bodies, the subjects of economy activity are on development stage, arrangement of production, output, realization, and exploitation, transportation, storage and utilization under work completion, service rendering, development of technical documentation (construction, technological, designing,).
Employer and executor are obliged to include the condition of production conformity, completed work and rendered services of obligatory requirements of enactments in the agreement. 
The necessary applying of normative documents for standardization in the term of production (service), produced in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan with the aim of export is defined by the contract in exceptional case, established legislation.
Production export and service on Republic Tajikistan customs territory, and also confirmation their corresponding obligatory requirement of normative documents in prescribed manner, established by the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.
The official information on developed and confirmed of branch standard, classifiers of technique- economy information, and also these documents should be accessible for consumers, including for foreign countries, which they don’t constitute state secret. 
The authority body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan forms the fund of normative documents and carries out following:
- state storage of standards and branch standards, recorded state registration;
- purchase and storage of interstate, international (regional) standards, rules, norms and recommendations on standardization and meteorology, national standards of foreign countries;
- information provision.
State management body, accepted normative documents on standardization, the subjects of economy activity, affirmed normative documents on standardization within its competence, forms and lead information fund of these documents, and also provide consumers with the information about documents on agreement basis. 
Exceptionally right of official publication of normative documents is belonged to state management bodies accepted these documents.
Exceptionally right of official publication of information maintained in the Republican register production and service, marked sign in compliance with normative documents is belonged to authority body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.
State control and inspection over observe of subjects of economy activity normative documents’ obligatory requirement on standardization with the aim of production certificate, production and service, and also improving their quality are carried out by the authority body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and other authority state management body within their competence.
Normative-legal act are following:
- The Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On standardization” dated 1996.


Production certificate (further certification) is the activity on confirmation in compliance with established requirements. 
Certification is carried out for following goals:
- consumers’ defence interests in issues regarding production safety for life, health and property, environment protection, information compatibility and production interchangeability;
- creating condition for undertaking , institution, organizations and enterprise activities at single 
- goods market of the Republic of Tajikistan, and also for participation in international economic, scientific – technical collaboration and international trade;
- consumers assistance to production choice components;
- production quality index confirmation, declared manufacturer(seller).
Certification can have following obligatory and voluntary character.
Organization structure’s system shall form:
- state (national) body on certification, central, regional bodies on certification, bodies on production and quality system, testing laboratories (centers) , enterprises, institutions and organizations, irrespective of property form, and also public organizations.
There can be several similar production certicate systems in certification system.
Certification systems are subject to state registration in prescribed manner.
The function of state (national) body on certification of the Republic of Tajikistan is entrusted to authority body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in conformity with present Law should carry out following tasks:
- forms and realizes the state policy in the field of certification holding at the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan and officially informs about them;
-publishes official information on certification systems and compliance mark in force in the 
Republic of Tajikistan and submit it in prescribed manner to international (regional) 
organizations on certification;
- conduct state registration of certification system and compliance mark, bodies on certification, testing laboratories (centers);
- prepare the proposal on joining to international (regional) certification system and also to make contract with international organizations on mutual acknowledgement results of certification;
- submit proposals to international (regional) organization on certification issues in prescribed manner of the Republic of Tajikistan;
- inform international (regional) organization on certification the certification systems, bodies on certification in force in the country.
Organization and conducting activity on certification obligatory is entrusted to authority body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, in case of provided legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan with respect to the certain type of production can entrusted to other state management bodies.
The participants of obligatory certification are authorized body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, other state management bodies of Republic of Tajikistan, these authorized will conduct activities on obligatory certification, laboratory testing (centers), production manufacturer (sellers, executors) and also central bodies certification system, determined in necessary cases for organization and coordination activity in the similar production certificate systems.
Registered noncommercial units and organization any form of property are allowed to participate in conducting activity on obligatory certification under condition their accreditation in conformity with management body. 
The authority body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and other state management bodies, which legislation acts of the Republic of Tajikistan entrusts them to organize and conduct activity on certificate obligatory have following tasks within their competence:
- form the similar production certificate systems and establish rule procedures and management for conducting certification in these systems;
- carry out the choice of way of confirmation conformity production normative documents requirements (certification form);
- define central body of certification system;
- accredit the bodies on certification and laboratory testing (centers) and give them permission to the right of conducting curtain types of activities;
- conduct state registration of participants and certificate objects;
- establish acknowledgement order of foreign certificates, compliance mark and testing results;
- establish accreditation order and issue of licence for conducting activity on certificate;
- carry out state control and inspection and establish inspection control order over observe certification rule and for certification production;
- review appeal on certificate issues;
- issue of certificates and licence for applying of compliance mark.
Production manufacturer (sellers and executors), subjected certification obligatory are responsible for carrying out following activities:
- realize the production only in the presence of certificate given or acknowledged by authorized body;
- provide compliance normative document production requirements, which was certificated and 
- compliance marking;
- point out the information on certificate in the good delivery documentation and provide this information up to consumers;
- stop realization of certificated production, if it is not meting normative documents, by the expiration effect of certificate conformity or in the case, if certificate effect has been stopped or cancelled by the decision of body on certificate;
- provide without difficulty executing their authorities officials and bodies, carrying out obligatory certification production and control over certificated production;
- inform bodies on certificate about changes included in technical documentations or in technical process of certificated production.
In contracts (agreement) terms, made on supply of production to the Republic of Tajikistan, subjected certificate obligatory should be provided the presence of certificate and compliance mark, confirming it conformity with established requirements. 
These certificates should be issued or acknowledged by the authority bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Certificates or documents and their acknowledgement are submitted to the customs bodies together with cargo custom declaration and they are necessary documents for receiving permission to production export from the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Under absence of document, confirmed safety production import, custom’s control bodies will prohibit its import up to the decision this issue on conducting certification or acknowledgement foreign certificate and inform authority body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.
On production, not subjected in conformity with legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan on certificate obligatory, by the initiative of juridical person and citizen will be lead voluntary certificate on terms between claimer and body on certificate.
Voluntary certificate can be carried out by any juridical person who taken function of bodies on voluntary certificate and registered certification in authorized body of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in established order.
Under observance of indicated term, voluntary certificate will be lead by bodies on certificate obligatory.
Under making agreement on conducting of voluntary certificate, the claimer has right to receive necessary information on rules of production certificate from body on certificate and determine the form of certificate.
Major normative-legal acts are the following:
 -The Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On certification of products and services”