The international telephone code for Tajikistan is +992, and the prefix for Dushanbe is 37.

If you would like to call somewhere you need to dial 810 (code of international access) + country code + subscriber telephone. The codes of European and US cities are listed on The most economical option is to use your Skype number from the many Internet cafes throughout the country.

In Tajikistan IP telephony (international calls from cards) is very developed, its services are offered by companies like "Intercom", "Telecomm Technology", "Babilon-T", OJSC “Tojiktelecom”. The order of dialling numbers of CIS and foreign countries through IP telephony is: 8+11+(country code)+(city code)+(phone number)+(#).

Services of mobile communication in Tajikistan are offered by:

Recharging your mobile phone with credit is available from 10 to 35 USD which you can transfer to your phone balance either through the recharge machines or through mobile phone shops.

The central post office is located at the junction of Rudaki Avenue and Dusti Square in the centre of Dushanbe. Stamps for a letter in Tajikistan is 0,12 Somoni, for CIS - 0,75 somoni and foreign countries 1,5 Somoni.