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Museums and Exhibitions

 Tajikistan's museums

National Museum of Tajikistan.

The museum  was founded in 1934.

32, Rudaki  Str.,  City Centre, Dushanbe

website  - http://nationalmuseum.tj/


National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan

The museum was founded in 1934

7, Rajabov Str., City Centre, Dushanbe

Website -- http://www.afc.ryukoku.ac.jp/tj/


Historical museum of Archaeology and Fortification Tajikistan

The museum was founded in 1986

Tamburi Str., Khujand, Sughdi


Historical museum of Istaravshan

The museum was founded in 1963

Str. Oli Somone, 18, Istaravshan, Sughd, Tajikistan


Republican Local History Museum named by Abu Abdullah Rudaki

The museum was founded in 1958

43, Rudaki Str., Panjakent,  Sughd region,  The Republic of Tajikistan

Website -


Museum of Mirzo Tursunzoda

The museum is located  in Dushanbe

Website: http://cit.tj/mirzo-tursunzoda/index.php?malumot=img&id=&lang=eng


Museum of Ethnography Institute of the History of Tajikistan


Museum of Musical Instruments

The museum was founded in 1990

23, Bokhtar, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Website - www.gurminj.tj