Participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan in the Security Council ministerial debate

On 19 January 2018 in the United Nations Headquarters, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan participated and addressed the United Nations Security Council debate entitled “Building regional partnership in Afghanistan and Central Asia as a model to link security and development”, which was held under the Kazakhstan Presidency.

The event was attended and addressed by the UN Secretary-General, the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Russia, Equatorial Guinea, and Deputy Foreign Ministers of the United States, Afghanistan, Netherlands and other representatives of the UN member-states.

In his statement, the Foreign Minister of Tajikistan underlined the pressing challenges faced by the region, among which are the deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan, the growth of international terrorism, the rise of political and religious extremism, transnational organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and exacerbation of environmental issues. 

Minister Aslov noted that Tajikistan as an advocate of an early restoration of peace and security in Afghanistan through economic and social development believes that the regional cooperation is an important element for strengthening stability in this country and in the entire region. He also noted that to address those challenges effectively it is needed to take more robust actions by the countries of the region through facilitating the regional cooperation and partnership.
Minister Aslov called on the international community to provide grand assistance to the implementation of socio-economic projects in this country, in particular regional projects such as CASA-1000, TUTAP, etc., which provide an important basis for sustainable development in Afghanistan.


Commemorative ceremony of Bobojon Ghafurov in Tehran

On 17 January of this year with the initiative of the Society for the Appreciation of Cultural works and dignitaries in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in Tehran, the commemorative ceremony of a Tajik politician and scientist, Tajik hero, Academician Babajon Ghafurov with the participation of the scientific and literary representatives, students and media of Iran was held.

After playing the national anthems of two countries, Hassan Bolkhari , President of the Society for the Appreciation of Cultural works and dignitaries spoke about the B. Ghafurov`s works, his role and services and noted that the Society on the occasion of the commemorative of Bobojon Ghafurov gathered the Articles of different Iranian and Tajik scientists and published them entitled " Biography and scientific and cultural services of Bobojon Ghafurov" Famous historian and orientalist  of Tajikistan".

Then, famous Iranian scientist, Dr. Mehdi Mohaghegh, Chairman of the board of the Directors of the Society for the Appreciation of Cultural works and dignitaries talked about his memories including getting to know and contact with B. Ghafurov, his position in the history of Tajik people and various aspects of his life and activities of Tajik scientist and politician.  

Also, at this conference, Gholamali Hadad Adel – the Head of the  Persian Language and Literature Academy of Iran, Ali Ashraf Mojtahed Shabestari- President of the Friendship Association of Iran- Tajikistan, Dr.Asghar Dadbeh – member of the board of the Directors of the Society for the Appreciation of Cultural works and dignitaries, Safar Abdullo – Tajik scientist with the residence in Kazakhsatn , member of the Persian Language and Literature Academy of Iran spoke about the  different aspects of life and activities of B. Ghafurov including his lasting effect – the book " Tajiks"( Tajikon), a poet Saidali Musavi Garmaroodi read his poem about Dushanbe.


MAIN DEFENDER: from commandership to improvement. Interview with former commander Hakim Qalandarov

There is one step in the path from love to betrayal, from improvement to destruction, as well as from good to badness. Yesterday Hakim Qalandarov was a commander, and he is engaged in the improvement of the Motherland now. It is difficult to find him in Panj District. He worked hard and was engaged in various works. We found him before the table cloth with ample food in a beautiful building. Turkey-cock, homemade chicken, trout, beef, lamb and rabbit meats were the fruits of his labors and hands. The distance from this dastarkhan with plentiful food and that yesterday's dastarkhan with only a bread is also one step. And this one step divides that river bed of the Panj River, which was plunged into the maelstrom of the war and murders and this stormy shore of the children's smile. Therefore I ask:

Is this your home?

He smiles, looks at the people around the dastarkhan and says:

-     The whole Tajikistan is my home.

Our conversation was around the landscaping works of Hakim Qalandarov and yesterday's slide fate of the Tajiks.

How did it happen to you that you left the weapons of death to the side and put your hand on the improvements?

-     The tradition of patriotism requires it, he says and continues:


The Republic of Tajikistan